Outline a year’s worth of content in just one day.

Free Mini Course: “Content Creation for Busy People”.

"I will definitely use this as we work on marketing campaigns this year."

"I loved the cascading content and will use that regularly."

" I will be incorporating this into my blog, podcast, YouTube interviews and newsletter."

"I loved the sticky note thing and understanding how I can easily move those around in order to create a ton of content, fairly quickly!"

Free Mini Course: “Content Creation for Busy People”

If you are overwhelmed by the time it takes to create strategic, compelling content, you are in the right place. Learn the same techniques I use to help organizations create compelling content – the type that helps them routinely see 3-5x previous results.

In this 6-part Snackable Series, you will discover my tried-and-true methods to outline a year’s worth of content in just one day, including:

Get to really know your Target Audience and what THEY want
How to use Message Modules to mix and remix elements of your communications plan WITHOUT causing confusion
Which Message Modules to use to quickly blueprints everything from an elevator pitch to a video script

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