Visit Norway’s targeted, measured, and powerful storytelling brings international travelers.

by | Aug 9, 2021

Norway eco-friendly travel destination

Norway promotes an eco-friendly travel destination with storytelling and audience retargeting

What do you think of when you imagine a trip to Scandinavia? The northern lights? Quaint villages nestled in the mountains and fjords? Well, Visit Norway tells all of these stories so much as it’s promoted as a unique travel destination.

Beate Gran is the Digital Marketing Manager for Visit Norway and self-proclaimed “data geek” who dives into all things analytics, metrics, and promotional campaigns to market the powerful stories of Norway. Using retargeting and lookalike audiences, Beate stresses the importance of getting the right stories in front of the right people, every time.

Storytelling is the heart of destination marketing

When people are looking to travel, they’re looking to make memories and tell stories of their adventures. As destination marketers, it’s our job to show audiences the kinds of stories that are waiting to be told.

Beate knows the importance of storytelling when it comes to marketing Norway, proclaiming that,

“It doesn’t matter what your story or your content is. It’s got to be something you’re passionate about and you want to get in front of an audience.”

A large part of Visit Norway’s destination brand focuses on eco-friendly sustainability and the connection to nature. By partnering with the DMO for the city of Oslo, Visit Norway sought to tell a story about Oslo, Norway as a premier farm-to-table food destination in a video series called “Table Tales.”

This video features a chef in Oslo going out into nature and foraging for food, and returning to his restaurant to prepare it in his kitchen for guests. According to Beate, these kinds of videos received quite a bit of attention engagement, including a high video completion rate.

The high view rate could be attributed to Visit Norway’s decision to create various lengths of the videos to push out to different outlets, including a full-length video on YouTube, a 30-second spot on Facebook, and a 15-second teaser on Instagram. Beate says they have also started to use Instagram stories. They’ve generated 40% more views on that platform than any other.

Retargeting and lookalike audiences

Beate claims that one of the most important things DMOs and CVBs can do to create bigger, bolder, better campaigns is form partnerships.

One of Visit Norway’s biggest partners is Scandinavian Airlines, and they work together to retarget audiences who have shown interest or engaged with some of Visit Norway’s compelling storytelling content, like the Table Tales Series. After someone has established interest in Norway and is in a region that the airline flies to, ads are strategically placed in their newsfeeds that highlight how and where to purchase flight tickets. Beate claims they’ve found the partnership and the system to be very efficient.

Additionally, Beate and the team at Visit Norway use lookalike audiences to target and attract new customers. She gives the example that if you’re trying to attract affluent customers, you might target someone who has engaged with brands like Louis Vuitton.

Researching your guests’ travel behaviors is a great way to understand how and when your customers buy. Hear how Dollywood does the same thing with guests visiting the Gatlinburg, TN area.

Of course, all of this audience analysis and targeting wouldn’t amount to anything if you’re not tracking your analytics and KPIs! For Beate, getting down into the numbers is what she gets most excited about — really seeing the evidence that people are connecting with and enjoying the powerful stories of Norway.

About the guest: Beate Gran is the Digital Marketing Director at Visit Norway, which is owned by Innovation Norway.