Grow your business while outgrowing your busy-ness.

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Breaking through an entrepreneurial growth plateau shouldn’t be confusing, difficult, and costly.


Do you have trouble consistently attracting your ideal, profitable client?


Wondering why your marketing or sales pitch doesn’t get better results?


Do you have trouble differentiating your company to prospective employees and clients?


Are you overburdened with business decisions and lack an experienced sounding board?


Are there people on your team who are always “busy” but don’t get a lot of results?


Feel like your business plan changes with every technology change you see?

Kick “work-life balance” in the teeth. Create whole-life impact instead.

Power your next growth season with the help of our advisors and innovative problem solvers.

Clients in tech, manufacturing, economic development, national associations, and nonprofit industries become more successful on their very next project!

“I was frustrated trying to figure it out how to grow my business on my own.

Just 6 months after we started, I hit “The Big Number” – the amount of money I really wanted to make but didn’t believe I could.

I’m not struggling anymore.”

Christa Mobley

Inner Lift Organizing

“I had just a few hours to attend Whitney’s workshop before an important pitch meeting for my startup.  I was able to communicate technically complex ideas in ways investors could easily understand.

The meeting turned a prospect into a pilot program, and I am in talks with several folks about investing.”

Daemon Price

Meridian Technology Solutions

“Our recent communications training session for the tech community garnered our organization its highest enrollment for a single class since its inception.

Attendees expressed excitement at having tangible frameworks to attack their current projects. We look forward to planning future classes with this rockstar trainer!”

Brooke Warburton


Ever notice that it’s hard to read the label when you are inside the bottle?

Whitney Hahn loves asking insightful questions that solve big problems.

As a fellow business leader and marketing professional for almost 20 years, I know what it is like to have an ambitious business goal – yet not be able to see it through.

Your willing but untested team gets impatient. Doubt and frustration creep in, and the whole organization can stall out.

That’s why I know how valuable the right person on the outside can be.

With my experience, systems, and extra firepower, you’ll finally get a clear strategy, emerge from task fog, and be on your way to writing the business story you deserve.

– Whitney  

You can tackle today’s business challenges while learning the repeatable steps you need to succeed.

Want to triple your previous communication engagement results?

Learn the same techniques I use to help organizations create compelling marketing content.

In “Content Creation For Busy People,” you will discover my tried-and-true methods to outline a year’s worth of content in just one day, including:

Get to really know your Target Audience and what THEY want
How to use Message Modules to mix and remix elements of your communications plan WITHOUT causing confusion

Which Message Modules to use to quickly blueprint everything, from social media posts to a commercial video script

Stop being overwhelmed by the time it takes to create strategic, compelling content. Grab this free, snackable series today!

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