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Strategic Marketing Leadership and Marketing Training

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It shouldn’t be this hard for you to succeed
have a killer business.


Firms Blaming Low Sales as the Reason for Closing


Sales People Blaming Bad Marketing for Low Sales

OK, we might have made up that second statistic up. Or did we?


Are you overburdened with marketing and communications decisions (and marketing isn’t your thing)?


Do you worry that you are spending too much on marketing because you don’t really know what’s working?


Have someone in marketing who completes a lot of tasks but doesn’t get a lot of results?


Do you have trouble consistently attracting your ideal, profitable client?


Wondering why your marketing or sales pitch doesn’t get better results?


Feel like your marketing plan changes with every social media trend you see?


Want to know how to grow a business that defends your personal life instead of hijacking it?

Want this feeling? It’s within reach!

Get expert help tackling today’s marketing challenges while learning timeless strategies for repeatable success.

Marketing Readiness Consultation

Have a knowledge gap you want to conquer?

Get a clear view of what is and isn’t working, and our recommendations on what to do to fix it.

Seminars and Workshops

Load your toolkit with marketing frameworks, checklists, and strategies that put success at your fingertips.

From quick online classes to interactive workshops, you’ll feel prepared and ready to take action.

Fractional CMO Leadership

Get the experience and knowledge of a Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) without the high salary. 

Typical ROI in under 6 months and 3-5X your investment in a year.

What if you had someone on the outside to challenge your thinking and help you sort through options?

“I was frustrated trying to figure it out on my own.

Just 6 months after we started, I hit “The Big Number” – the amount of money I really wanted to make but didn’t believe I could.

I’m not struggling anymore.”

Christa Mobley

Inner Lift Organizing

“I had just a few hours to attend the workshop before an important pitch meeting for my startup.  I was able to communicate technically complex ideas in ways they could easily understand.

The meeting turned a prospect into a pilot program, and I am in talks with several folks about investing.

Daemon Price

Meridian Technology Solutions

“Our recent communications workshop for the tech community garnered our organization its highest enrollment for a single class since its inception.

Attendees expressed excitement at having tangible frameworks to attack their current projects. We look forward to planning future classes with this rockstar trainer!

Brooke Warburton

Grants | Training

Learn the same techniques I use to help organizations create compelling content – the type that helps them routinely see 3-5x previous results.

If you are overwhelmed by the time it takes to create strategic, compelling content, you are in the right place.

In “Content Creation For Busy People,” a 6-part Snackable Series, you will discover my tried-and-true methods to outline a year’s worth of content in just one day, including:

Get to really know your Target Audience and what THEY want
How to use Message Modules to mix and remix elements of your communications plan WITHOUT causing confusion
Which Message Modules to use to quickly blueprints everything from an elevator pitch to a video script

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