Grow your business.
OUTgrow your busy-ness.

Advisory Services and Training to Optimize Your Business

Identify Your Opportunities

Get Strategic Guidance

Optimize Your Business

The Myth: Business leaders ALWAYS know what to do next.

Really? That’s impossible.


Are you overburdened with business decisions and lack an experienced sounding board?


Do you need your team to “level up” but don’t have a plan to get them there?


Having trouble prioritizing major moves for your business?


Wondering why your marketing and sales efforts don’t get better results?

Business growth shouldn’t be limited by your own time and knowledge.


Grow your business while OUTgrowing your busy-ness.


Diagnose your worst challenges and best opportunities.

Readiness Check

Assessments are available for:
– overall business health
– marketing / sales enablement
– workforce enablement
– operations


Give your team the tools they need to succeed!

Training Tools


Training topics are tailored to your organization’s goals, timeframe, and workforce.


Systematically provokebetter returns from your business.

Advisory Services


Average revenue increase:
30-40% in one year.


Be guided and supported when and how you need it most.

Winning Team

Without a clear picture of your starting point AND desired destination, it’s impossible to create a plan.

Use provokebetter‘s Optimization Framework to get business clarity through a combination of assessments and good ol’ fashioned conversation.

You’ll know what high-impact actions to take next for steady momentum.


Decision overload often kills progress. Urgent tasks constantly crowd out the truly important actions required to move the company forward.

We advise you on which high-value activities to do next, laying out a clear pathway, and providing the first drafts, templates and tools that ease the work.


Your progress shouldn’t stop when our engagement is over.

That’s why we install the systems and knowledge needed for continuous improvement and business growth.

Your in-house team(s) receive coaching and training while they implement, laying the foundation for future breakthroughs.


Kick “work-life balance” in the teeth. Create whole-life impact instead.

I used to feel trapped by the business I built.  Not anymore.

You’d think that growing up in a family-owned business would have taught me all the best practices. It didn’t.

You’d think that when I opened my first company in 2004, I’d have healthy work-life boundaries. I didn’t.

You’d think that because I was really good at making something, I would make a great entrepreneur. I wasn’t.

It wasn’t until I learned how to systematically optimize my business that everything changed.

Now, I have more revenue AND more time to enjoy it. In 2023:

  • I took home six figures
  • Went on two international vacations with my family
  • Banked six-months of operating expenses in a rainy day account
  • Donated over 100 hours of service
  • and did it all while working about 30 hours a week.

You can, too!

With my frameworks and guidance, you’ll finally be on your way to growing your business while OUTgrowing your busy-ness.

– Whitney  Hahn, Founder
Chief Growth Advisor


These clients used our frameworks to power their business growth.


“I was frustrated trying to figure it out how to grow my business on my own.

Just 6 months after we started, I hit “The Big Number” – the amount of money I really wanted to make but didn’t believe I could.

I’m not struggling anymore.”

Christa Mobley

Christa Mobley

Inner Lift Organizing


“I had just a few hours to attend Whitney’s workshop before an important pitch meeting for my startup.  I was able to communicate technically complex ideas in ways investors could easily understand.

The meeting turned a prospect into a pilot program, and I am in talks with several folks about investing.”

Daemon Price

Daemon Price

Meridian Technology Solutions


“Our recent communications training session for the tech community garnered our organization its highest enrollment for a single class since its inception.

Attendees expressed excitement at having tangible frameworks to attack their current projects. We look forward to planning future classes with this rockstar trainer!”

Brooke Warburton, techfrederick Grants

Brooke Warburton


You don't have to grow it alone! 

Uncertainty and inaction are costing you more than you realize.

 Instead, work with us to optimize your business for revenue AND time.