Overcome Business Overwhelm

Reshape your service-based small business so that IT serves YOU, not the other way around.

Get AI-Fueled Systems

Optimize Your Work

Outgrow Busyness

Do you ever feel like your business is STEALING FROM YOUR LIFE?

You started your business to have MORE control over your schedule.
But the demands of wearing multiple hats deplete your time and energy.

Exhausted Business Woman (square)

An exhausting hamster wheel of sales, marketing, and operations


Working all the time and still not financially pulling ahead


The weight of endless questions and heavy decisions


Feeling pressure to put work first and family last

You deserve a business that’s a partner and not a pirate.

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Make Your Work Serve Your Life

Systems just don’t seem to be scaled for 1-10 person, service-based businesses. Until now!

The No-Busyness Academy shows you how to:

Reduce task noise and always know your critical One Thing

Build compelling offers your target audience will crave

Streamline your workflow so you can do more without adding to payroll

Keep employees, freelancers, and contractors primed and aligned

Create powerful messages that attract quality prospects

Discover the five crucial elements of a worry-free sales funnel

Price for profit and closes more sales (without feeling sleazy)

Stabilize your cashflow so you can make smarter money decisions

When you apply our “cut to the chase” materials and targeted advice, your small business will give you more time for the activities and people you love.

What’s in the Program?

You'll get everything you need to seize control of your life by optimizing your business, including:

  • Your custom “Do This First!” Report so you know the one thing to do next for the fastest results
  • Actionable Blueprints, perfectly adapted for busy service-based small businesses
  • Live, virtual group coaching on every topic, twice a month with Whitney Hahn and her team of small business experts
  • Ask-me-Anything Zoom sessions and unlimited email support
  • Member-exclusive webinars and replays on goal-setting, marketing, sales, leadership and more
  • A community of supportive people who are going through the same challenges you are
  • A 2025 Business Planning Workshop to set up your best year yet
High Explosives

"Don't Waste My Time" Bonuses

  • Access to the provokebetter library of AI-fueled tools you can use to speed through repetitive text-based tasks in your own business
  • One year’s subscription to dozens of on-demand courses from Business Made Simple, so you can learn how to optimize your business at your own pace
  • A hardback copy of the bestselling guide “How to Grow Your Small Business,” a concise guide that addresses common small business concerns

Group size is limited, so register today!


The next cohort starts May 22 and finishes November 6, 2024.

Secure your place in three steps:

1. Choose your program plan (below).

2. Complete your payment with Stripe. This also serves as your registration.

3. Start reclaiming your time! Access to your on-demand courses is granted within one day so you can review material whenever it works for you.

Choose from two payment options:

VIP Upgrade:


These clients improved their businesses quickly, and SO CAN YOU!


Before meeting Whitney, my business was riding the struggle bus.

Through applying what I learned in the Academy, I had a 40% growth in my profit over the last 12 months.

I now have a life I am proud of, not just a business that I love. 

Whitney Hahn And Ben Trawick Scaled

Ben Trawick

Owner, Braveo Marketing, MD


I have such a clear path forward that I didn’t have before.

My initial offer can now lead into a recurring revenue scenario, and I’m really excited about that.


Dan Defay Headshot

Dan DeFay

SmartFirm IT, AL


We were bordering on “do we close shop?” territory and needed help.

Whitney’s process detangled our post-pandemic, survival mode, trauma bonded mess.

Now, we’re thriving.

Anna Boyter

Anna Boyter

Owner and CEO, Bear Hands Media, TX

Stop letting your business run your life!

Register today, and start reclaiming control of your time and how you spend it.


I used to feel trapped by the business I built.  Not anymore.

Maybe you are like me, and think that because you are good at providing a service, you’ll be great at running a service-based business.  Well, I wasn’t…. at first.

Paying tuition to The School of Hard Knocks is a time-consuming, costly way to learn, isn’t it? And we’re told that if something isn’t working, we need to throw ourselves into it even more. “Try harder” steals more time away from the people and activities we love.

It wasn’t until I learned how to systematically optimize my business for time and revenue that everything changed. And that’s why I want to help you.

You can avoid task burnout, distracted dinners, and vacations spent on your computer! 

Join the No-Busyness Academy. My team and this community will make sure you build a business that serves you – rewarding, flexible, and fulfilling.

Web - Business Made Simple Coach (Color)

– Whitney  Hahn, Founder
Chief Growth Advisor
Certified “Business Made Simple” Coach


Who is the Academy for?

This program is specifically designed for:

  1. Small businesses of 1-10 people. Solopreneurs and extra small teams have no time to waste on tools not built for them, or programs that assume you have an army of employees to help you implement. So we’ve built this with tons of materials and support, and zero time-wasting fluff.
  2. Who primarily deliver services or solutions instead of retailing or selling “widgets.”  The sales cycle is much different than in retail stores, the projects require contracts, and the workflow challenges can be significant. Our experience has focused on service-based businesses and it’s what we know cold.
  3. And have been in business for 3 years or more. To survive this long you must have determination and skill. However, over 60% of small businesses fail by year 5. That means you’ll either get it right in the next two years or you’ll have to get out. The time is NOW!

Also, the community experience invites you to share ideas, tips, empathy, and loyal opposition, so we look for strong women and enlightened men.

What is your typical return on investment?

Your program investment of $1497/month makes the most sense if your business revenue is $175K or more each year. 

Most members generate enough extra profit to pay for the entire experience in the first three months.

With continued implementation, they average over 30% increase in profit in the first year. #mathISsexy


What's the schedule?

The Academy program combines live coaching sessions with on-demand learning.

  1. LIVE GROUP COACHING begins May 22, 2024. It continues on the second and fourth Wednesday of every month from 11 a.m. to 12 noon Eastern Time US. Video replays are posted the next day and are available to watch for the duration of your Academy.

  2. ON-DEMAND PROMPTS provide new materials you can review in about 30-minutes a day. On your own schedule, dive into our hand-curated materials (a mix of articles, podcasts, videos, and worksheets). Then, try your hand at a dirty first draft to bring to our discussions.
  3. ASK-ME-ANYTHING SESSIONS are offered at least once a month and are in addition to the Coaching sessions. (Times vary in response to materials and US holidays.) They are a great place to get clarification, feedback, and advice on something you are working on.


Can a member of my team attend, too?

We want you to be successful, so when Optimizations involve another member of your team, they are welcome to attend that call with you.

Unless you are a VIP Experience member, you are limited to one person on a call, and only from your immediate team.

Is there a replay available afterwards?

Of course! All live coaching sessions are recorded. Members get a replay link within 24 hours of the session, along with a summary of suggested action items or resources discussed on the call.

The videos remain available for viewing by Members for 60 days following the end of the Academy.

What if I still have questions?

We welcome questions! We want to make sure that this is the right program for you, and invite you to schedule a no-pressure call to talk about it. Or, send an email to grow at provokebetter dot com. 



Just 6 months after coaching started, I hit The Big Number – the amount of money I really wanted to make but didn’t believe I could.

I’m not struggling anymore.

Christa Mobley

Christa Mobley

Inner Lift Organizing, MD


We got clarity and a new perspective on things.

It forced us to get sh*t done that we previously kept putting off.

Now, we’re having our best year EVER!

James Hersick Headshot

James Hersick

Co-founder, Hersick & Webster, WV


The Business Growth Academy has us excited about growing our business.

For the first time ever, I have next quarter’s revenue under contract – weeks before it starts. The value far exceeds the cost.

Andy Vanhook E1660588586766

Andy VanHook

Managing Partner, Appeal Production, VA

Don’t waste one more day feeling trapped by your business!

Register today, and start reshaping your business so that it serves you.

Still not sure?

Come to the live info session!
April 24 at 11 a.m. EDT.

Ask me anything you want about growing your business while OUTgrowing your busyness.

Using a proven, 12-session plan, the program provides:

  • knowledge and templates to optimize your company for revenue and time
  • AI-fueled tools so your small team can do more in less time
  • clear action plans that make delegating easy
  • a community of like-minded small business owners

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