Whitney Hahn
Business Growth Advisor and Trainer

Whitney Hahn is on a mission to help owner-makers grow their business while OUTgrowing their busy-ness.

As the CEO of ProvokeBetter.com and a “Business Made Simple” Certified Coach since 2020, she guides small businesses through transformative frameworks, earning a reputation as a catalyst for thriving revenue machines.

Members of her “Business Growth Academy” have unlocked impressive revenue boosts of 30-50% within the first year.

Select clients leverage Whitney’s strategic prowess as a fractional Chief Growth Officer, fostering breakthroughs in sales enablement, employee recruitment, and process flow.

Her insights on leadership, growth strategies, and the entrepreneurial journey have been featured in two books and dozens of podcasts. She is a frequent speaker and facilitator at business events and workshops.

Whitney Hahn is the creator of the “Video Business Playbook,” a combination of tools and training that accelerates growth for video production companies and their owners.

With a Master of Science degree in Business Management and Leadership, Whitney actively contributes to the advisory boards of techfrederick and Leadership Frederick County.

Her relentless passion for kicking “work-life balance” in the teeth and creating whole-life impact instead positions her as a transformative force in the business landscape.