Nonprofits and small businesses can leap from cloudy to confident with a free hour of strategic advisory services.

It can be really easy for nonprofit organizations and small businesses to get stuck.
Perhaps the vision for the organization needs an update, the marketing plan has gone stale, or board members feel out of rhythm with each other and the mission they want to support.
That’s understandable. It’s hard to read the label when you are inside the bottle. 
We’ve experienced this ourselves, and wasted far too much time and effort spinning our wheels. Over and over, urgent tasks hijacked truly Important tasks. We lost sight of why we were in this in the first place.
It took a lot of reflection and insightful advice before the fog lifted and a clear vision emerged. Once it was paired with a smart action plan, we were empowered. The pieces finally came together.

With the launch of #provokebetter, we’re paying forward our hard-won knowledge.

We pledge to help 100 small businesses and nonprofits with a free hour of strategic advisory or facilitation services this year.


How it works:

1. Apply   Submit your request for a Power Hour below.
2. Reflect   You’ll complete an online questionnaire that helps you think about where you are and where you want to be. Share this questionnaire with anyone and everyone interested in shaping the future of the organization. Only your #provokebetter advisor sees all of the responses, encouraging candor.
3. Leap   An hour is often all it takes to help a group get unstuck, navigate a new challenge, open minds to other ways to solve a problem, or bring an action plan into focus.
It shouldn’t be this hard for you to have a killer organization. Apply for a Power hour now!

"I am ready to get unstuck. Let's schedule a #provokebetter Power Hour."

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