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By this point, all business owners have had a conversation about AI at one point or another. It seems to be solving everyone’s problems… but, is it really?

Do you feel like you’re the only one who hasn’t figured out how to use AI for business yet? You’re not alone.

Since ChatGPT 3.5 launched in late 2022, thousands of articles and podcasts have touted the paradigm-shifting possibilities it presents.

However, many small business owners struggle with generic, one-size-fits-all responses and wonder how to make ChatGPT work for their specific needs.

And it was exactly that confusion that led us to develop tools to make AI accessible and useful for all business leaders.
By refining and training ChatGPT to reflect your unique brand voice and objectives, you can unlock its potential to produce tailored, on-brand content that’s faster, cheaper, and better.

Why Are We Having Challenges With ChatGPT?

Reason #1: Lack of Iteration

Many users encounter disappointing initial responses from ChatGPT and hastily conclude it’s inadequate.

However, this premature judgment overlooks the potential for improvement and customization. Without iteration and further guidance, users miss out on more refined results.

Reason #2: Failure to Customize

Receiving generic responses that don’t reflect your unique voice or brand identity is another common problem.

This often happens because users don’t invest time in training ChatGPT with specific instructions tailored to their audience, use case, or writing style.

How to Customize Your Instructions to Your Needs

Custom instructions and refinement can transform ChatGPT’s responses from generic to highly tailored and on-brand.

With a little patience and strategic shaping, you can mold the bot’s responses to meet your exacting standards.

Here are some of our preferred strategies for refining ChatGPT outputs:

1. Customize Global Settings

In your profile, you can use the “Customize ChatGPT” feature to add preferences that apply globally to all responses.

  • Define tone (e.g., direct, technical), language complexity, and writing style.
  • Incorporate brand identity elements like key messaging, terminology, and stylistic preferences.

2. Break Down Complex Tasks

Breaking down complex tasks into manageable parts makes it easier for ChatGPT to generate accurate responses.

For instance, developing a 90-day onboarding plan for a new employee can start with defining six objectives and then asking ChatGPT for detailed activities, descriptions, and timelines for each.

3. Idea Generation Tool

Using generative AI is an excellent way to overcome creative blocks.

Specify content type, goal, word count, and target audience to produce a solid first draft quickly.

4. Subject Matter Expert Review

Just as you wouldn’t accept the first draft from an intern without review, don’t rely solely on ChatGPT’s initial responses.

Review by a subject matter expert can guarantee accuracy, relevance, and consistency with your brand.

Best Practices and Cautions

    • Keep a Copy of Prompt Protocols: Save detailed instructions outside ChatGPT to avoid accidental deletions and streamline future tasks. This also makes it easy to share instructions with team members.
    • Check Facts & Citations: Verify facts and citations provided by ChatGPT to avoid misinformation. With GPT-4, insist on citations and direct links to source material whenever possible.
    • Be Privacy-Conscious: Avoid uploading sensitive or proprietary information into ChatGPT without proper privacy safeguards. Be mindful of data sensitivity in regulated fields.

Advanced Tips for Leveraging ChatGPT

Now that we’ve covered their basis, these are some of our best tips to elevate your ChatGPT game:

  • Utilize Chat History: ChatGPT retains past conversations, allowing you to build on previous interactions and streamline future outputs. For instance, if you’ve developed a 90-day onboarding plan, revisit the chat to refine the next quarter’s plan.

  • Efficiency Hack: Ask for Feedback: Ask ChatGPT to suggest ways to streamline and improve efficiency for future prompts. This feedback will help you structure prompts and protocols for better results.

  • Upgrade to Plus or Team Plans: Upgrading to the Plus or Team plans unlocks advanced features like GPT-4 analysis, DALL-E imaging, and real-time browsing. The “My GPTs” feature allows you to build custom bots tailored to your brand’s unique needs.

A Valuable Investment in Business Optimization

By refining and training ChatGPT, you’re not just leveraging AI for business; you’re crafting a digital apprentice that understands your brand and evolves with you.

Upgrading to Plus transformed the way we were using the platform because it gave us access to advanced tools. You can also choose the Team version to share custom GPTs across your workspace.

That’s the best way to get started with embracing the potential of AI for business growth by personalizing ChatGPT’s responses to align with your brand.

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